incorporating FSK Counselling

Tools For Professionals

This one day workshop offers the opportunity to learn more about adult attachments and temperaments, how to assess them and how they may play out in parenting children who come through the care system.

It will be useful for any professionals who are involved in the assessing of foster carers, adopters or kinship carers either pre or post placement in order to be able to inform the matching process, identify any possible issues that may later present or to understand presenting difficulties in the family dynamics and offer support.

When caring for and parenting children who have a disrupted attachment and early trauma, it is vital to be able to understand how their experiences have impacted on their relationship behaviours. It is equally important that the adults in these relationships understand the impact of our early attachment experiences and how these can play out in the relationship with the child. We all also have our own different sets of reactions and behaviours in connection with our temperament style and these too can influence the quality of the relationships we have as adults.

Course content

This course covers the following:

  • Understanding adult attachments and how they impact on relationships
  • Assessment tools to help identify adult attachment patterns and behaviours
  • Understanding temperament and its importance in relationships
  • Using the assessment tools, analysis and feedback
  • Applying what has been learnt to relationship and responses.

e course will include both theoretical and practical learning and participants will need to be aware that the practical activities will include using the tools in pairs and groups as part of the training in order to be equipped to use them in practice and to be able to ask for any additional guidance on the day.

The course is delivered as a one day workshop.

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