incorporating FSK Counselling

Therapeutic Interventions

This training course is for professionals already working with children and families offering counselling, therapy or therapeutic support. Attendance on this series of workshops will enable participants to develop or enhance their understanding of and skills in addressing:

  • The primary attachment journey and the impact of disruption.
  • Internal working models, emotional, psychological and neurological implications for children experiencing attachment disruption and the impact of this on the child, family and education.
  • Adult attachment patterns and their impact on relationships and parenting.
  • Assessing children and adults to identify primary attachment patterns and unresolved trauma.
  • Identifying dissociative tendencies and presentations in children and adults.
  • Developing effective skills to help facilitate attachment and work with trauma and dissociation.
  • Self-care, safeguarding and effective use of supervision and importance of CPD.

Course Criteria

Criteria for participants attendance on this course is as follows:

  • Recognised qualification in Counselling, Psychotherapy and membership with a professional body (BACP, UKCP).
  • Qualified social workers with at least 1 year experience of direct work with children and families and hold a current registration and who are enrolled on an accredited counselling / psychotherapy course where they are about to start or have started placement hours.

The workshops will include theoretical and experiential learning and there will be an expectation that participants will be able to show application of learning in a case study.

Course content

The course consists of four workshops and a one day introductory training course:

Introductory Training (1 Day)
  • This training can be attended as a one off training day for anyone working with children and families wanting to develop / enhance their understanding of the impact of disrupted attachments and early trauma of children, adults and family systems.
  • Participants wishing to attend the further workshops will need to attend this training first, the cost of which will be included in the overall fee.
  • This training day can also be done on it's own at the cost of £80 plus VAT.
Workshop One - Child Assessment (2 Days)
  • Tools for assessing children and adults to identify attachment styles, unresolved trauma and dissociation.
  • Developing a therapeutic plan.
Workshop Two - Working with Attachment (1 Day)
  • Developing tools and skills for working with attachment, trauma and dissociation.
Workshop Three - Assessing and Working with Trauma and Dissociation (2 Days)
  • Assessing and working with trauma and dissociation.
Workshop Four - Secondary Trauma, Self-Care & CPD (1 Day)
  •  Self-care, supervision, safeguarding and continued CPD.
Consultation Days
  • Half day consultation sessions will be available, with no additional fee for participants to attend between workshops one & two and workshops two & three

The course days run from 10.30 to 16.30

If you are interested please visit the SCS Training and Therapy Ltd website or e mail Nancy@scstrainingand or