incorporating FSK Counselling

Certificate In Therapeutic Interventions In Schools

This training course is beneficial for teachers, pastoral heads, mentors, school counsellors, LSA's or anyone within a school whose role involves supporting children with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, specifically around attachment and trauma.

Course content

The training covers six modules, all of which have to be completed in order to gain the certificate. The six modules are:

Module One
  • Basic Counselling Skills/ Counselling (Theory)
  • Child Development
Module Two
  • The Attachment Journey / Attachment Disruptions (Theory)
  • Understanding, Identifying and Addressing Attachment Behaviours in school (Practical)
Module Three
  • Trauma- the impact of early traumatic experiences on the developing child (Theory)
  • Understanding, Identifying and Addressing Trauma Re-enactment in school (Practical)
Module Four
  • Dissociation – a defence mechanism to Trauma (Theory)
  • Understanding, Identifying and Addressing Dissociative behaviours in school (Practical)
Module Five
  • Neuro-developmental Delay and the impact on Learning
Module Six
  • Self care
  • The team approach
  • Supervision

Participants will be expected to complete assignments for each module, written and practical and will need to be able to provide evidence that they have a strong understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the interventions in order to attain the Certificate. If this level is not reached participants will receive a certificate of attendance with the option of further training in order to address any identified issues and receive the full certificate.

The course runs over a period of 6 months with attendance for 1 day per month 10.00 to 18.00

If you are interested please visit the SCS Training and Therapy Ltd website or e mail Nancy@scstrainingand or