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Great Expectations - Understanding and addressing the impact of Attachment, Trauma and Dissociation

This training course is designed for teaching staff working with children of nursery, pre-school and primary school age and professionals supporting foster carers and adoptive parents who are caring for children coming from a background of neglect and abuse or who are involved in the care of the children.

Children who have been exposed to a disruption in their attachments and / or traumatic early experiences can present with difficulties in their emotional, social, sensory and neurological development. This in turn can hinder their ability to function within the school setting and can be a cause of frustration for the child, parents and teaching staff. Their beliefs and expectations of themselves, others and the world have been negatively impacted by their experiences leaving them with limited ability to form future positive interpersonal relationships that are so vital in order for them to be able to access the support they need to heal and reach their full potential. They have an internal conflict of a desire to be loved and belong alongside a fear of rejection and harm which usually plays out in behaviours that confuse, exasperate and at times traumatise those who are trying to offer them the very care and nurture that they need.

Course content

The course gives participants the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the child, recognise the need behind the presenting behaviours, how to implement effective interventions and learn the responses that will help to support the child and family systems.

The course is roughly 6 hours long and is completed in a single day

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