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Attachment Matters Facilitators Training

The Attachment Matters course was developed after it was identified over a number of years that there was a need for a greater understanding of the impact of a disrupted attachment on the child’s development emotionally, socially and neurologically.

It was initially intended for delivery to foster carers and adopters but has been modified to endeavour to identify and address difficulties within birth families with the aim of implementing early intervention and support for vulnerable families and children.

The programme can be run in schools, children’s centres or by any organisations, agencies where there is the opportunity for early intervention in addressing potential difficulties and disruptions within family systems. This also provides the added benefit within schools of specific support and interventions with families where the child has been identified as presenting with attachment behaviours’ which are impacting on their learning and achievements.

The parenting course is available for groups of parents who are expecting a new baby or groups of parents with young children up to the age of 6 years.

Pre natal bonding and the first 2 years:

  • The information in the course is very useful in preparing parents for the attachment journey in utero and after birth through the first 2 years covering topics such as:
    • The journey to a secure attachment.
    • Pre natal bonding, preparing for the outside world.
    • What happens if the journey is disrupted?
    • Making the most of the bonding process.
    • Developing trust and self-regulate.
    • Understanding your own attachment patterns and the impact of this on your parenting. From birth onwards.

Course content

The information in this course is again designed to enable early identification of signs that the attachment journey has been disrupted and to look at parenting strategies and interventions that can help to promote a healthier attachment relationship.

Topics covered include:

  • The journey to a secure attachment and the impact on the child’s development.
  • Symptoms and behaviours that may indicate a disruption.
  • Understanding your own attachment patterns and the impact of this on your parenting.
  • Understanding and reframing of early experiences.
  • Building your child’s internal resources needed in order to cope with the trials of life.
  • Understanding and meeting the need behind the behaviour.

The course looks at the theoretical, emotional and practical aspects of promoting the development of a secure attachment, the risk factors for disruption and strategies, techniques and interventions to prevent, identify or address disruptions.

The Facilitators Training is a 5 day course over the period of 5 weeks. All 5 days MUST be completed in order to receive the certificate. The final day will include a presentation and an assessment in order to ensure that facilitators fully understand the content and are able to deliver the course effectively.

If you are interested please visit the SCS Training and Therapy Ltd website or e mail Nancy@scstrainingand or